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About Us

About Us

Websites look same. Before, because of internet speed and web technologies weren't advanced as now, webpages were in some specified shapes. Nowadays, as a result of web's gaining print media's properties there is a "staining", but as a result of increase in ready to shallow pile type design, behavior and content management packets there is a boring "ordinarity".

Our duty is meeting our clients' demands far from this ordinarity. We are serving with guarantee of client satisfaction from concept to last product in all stages; creating design, converting it to standart comptiable and maximum browser supporting (x)html and css codes, turning it to front and back-end rich application.

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We're providing all essential services to create anything that can be seen in a web browser. Maybe you want to have your website developed from stratch, maybe get some tweaks done on a prepared webpage. Maybe you just want to have some interesing feautures added to your websites behavior layer.

As everything has a science, we are doing your works done with sector accepted principles and steps. With close contact and revisions, our purpose is to not leave a single unhappy client behind.

You can read details about our services to clicking their titles.


Web design trend differenting in every two years. Even the design out of current trend comes to eyes dull, company profile suitable designs can create a brandface. Well analyzing our clients demands we target to create not stereotyped products, but looking familiar and even unique designs. These are our expertise and the options we serve in this area:

  • Css frameworks compitable designs (Like
  • Creating designs as Adobe PSD or Corel PSP files.
  • Consistently contact during concept, mood creating steps of design.
  • Unique design ideas that suits your needs.
  • User friendly interfaces.


We're coding (x)Html and css web standarts compitable, semantic and at maximum browser support. Here is our list:

  • Truly cascading stylesheets
  • Dividing design and structure apart (we don't using tables for structure)
  • Coding semantic markup
  • Nonperishable structures at different zoom levels
  • Support to IE6/7/8, Firefox 3/3.5+, Opera 9+/10+, Safari, Google Chrome
  • Slicing designs to converting them (x)html/css (PSD2XHTML)
  • Creating css framework speacial for you


We prepare your rich interactive webpages, your special demands using native javascript and jquery libary. With advance of both computer and browser technologies interesting features can be added without using flash.

  • Codes with native javascript and jQuery libary
  • Cross-browser support
  • Solutions your problems that can't solved with (x)html and css
  • Make rich user interfaces posibble
  • Troubleless ajaxfied, php integrated applications


We're providing solutions for server-side interactivity.

  • Applications that suits your needs.
  • Codes that special just for you
  • Maximum security
  • Efficient database structures
  • Optimized applications

Cms Integrate

We're integrate (your) designs to content management systems (cms). As this could be common packages like wordpress, joomla!, it could special packages too.

If common packages are enough for your needs, you can turn to practic solutions differenting at design stage with save on time and expenditures. Ease of use with familiar user interface, widely avaiable extension support are advantages of this systems; been open to everyone of their source code are their deadvantages.

  • Integrating from (x)html/css to cms (PSD2CMS)
  • High level wordpress customization and special wordpress themes
  • Joomla! integration and special joomla! templates


We can undertake data entry of your website. We can help to you about creating it's content. We're doing placing content according to SEO principles considering known factors valuable by algorhitms of search engines. We're also offering reasonable priced hosting.

  • Data Entry
  • Making your page's codes SEO compitiable.
  • Determining keywords of your content
  • Placing your content according to SEO principles
  • Registering to search engines
  • Google Adwords advertise program consulting
  • Reasonable priced hosting with unlimited subdomain, database and email
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You can click on job examples we're composited from our services which you may want to examine.


Anteros Hotel

Konut Devleri

Detailed real estate guide

National Golden Gloves

2012 website

Simply Apartments

Apartment finder


Australian steel company

Raw material

Hidden name raw material firm


Global Journal of E&B S.

Sağlam Construction

Imaginary construction company

Online vocal remover
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Portfolio Detail

We build everything from scratch for this hotel's web site, from it's reservation system to WYSIWYG design backend, from it's special galery system to multi language support etc.

Applied Services

  • Design
  • Psd2xHtml
  • Php/Sql
  • js/jQuery
  • Cms integration - wordpress
  • High level wordpress customization
  • Content
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Articles, tools and experiments.

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